Bernadette is an award-winning entrepreneur and former Government Transformation Officer.
In 2014 Bernadette set a target to modernize the disability sector, transforming the stereotype. She started Fability through which she aims to create equal opportunities and fairness in business and social welfare for all including persons with disabilities. Bernadette is committed to showing that we all have the ability to Live Life Fabulously.Known for their successful and inclusive events, marketing strategies, innovation and extensive media following, Fability has become a leading Media Brand.

She has pioneered initiatives which gained international exposure and worked on global projects to share disability awareness through Media platforms and achieved remarkable results in breaking barriers.

Bernadette Rigney of The Fability Life

Key Quotes

On transformation in the disability sector:

Transformation to me is about breaking the communication barriers and the stereotype of disability - Bernadette Rigney, The Fability Life Click To Tweet

On employing disabled people:

Just because I walk with calipers or a wheelchair, doesn’t alter my personality. I’m still Bernadette and those are the little things that companies need to focus on

On social integration of disabled people:

No disability is the same, and no person is the same… Start a conversation and get to know the disabled person

On the daily hustle:

To me hustle is turning your passion into revenue and once you enjoy doing something and earn money from it then that becomes your hustle

Bernadette Rigney of The Fability Life

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