Tamsyn Reynolds describes herself as a raiser, carer, CEO, stylist and lover of 3 children, 2 dogs, 1 hair salon, 3 brands and 1 Italian man.

Tamsyn is the founder and CEO of Hello Hair Fourways in Johannesurg. In this episode she shares her reflections on starting and growing a business as a single mom, navigating the personal care industry as a business during COVID19, and her visions for the future of the Hello Hair Fourways brand.

Quotable Moments

On being a single mother and entrepreneur:

As mothers, we give to the point of being martyrs… I’ve realised that it’s important to set boundaries for myself… I survived by creating boundaries and having a support structure

Tamsyn Reynolds Kids

On personal growth and development:

One of the things I became more aware of, is self-talk… re-frame the way you speak to yourself, because what you focus on becomes your reality

Finding your purpose gives you confidence

The minute I realised I have a deeper purpose here… I almost felt like I was gifted a little more confidence

On dealing with negative emotions:

We’ve got to see ourselves as transitory…give yourself a break for how you are feeling, knowing that it is not forever

On entrepreneurship:

Sometimes it’s not just about your passions, it’s about being practical too

On the definition of hustle:

My hustle is to constantly become a better version of myself and offer more every day Click To Tweet


Get in touch with Tamsyn:

Hello Hair Fourways website: https://www.hellohair.co.za

IG: https://www.instagram.com/hellohairfourways

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellohairfourways


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