Shuaib Philander is a 2015 South African Skateboarding Champion who hails from Cape Town, South Africa. Shuaib is passionate about the upliftment of his community. He is the founder of TwentySkeight (20sk8) and the free after school youth development program EduSkeight, which aims to equip the youth with life skills, social skills and access to creative career opportunities through the medium of skateboarding.

Shuaib Philander Social Entrepreneu, Founder of Edusk8

Key Quotable Moments:

On why he is so passionate about uplifting the community he grew up in:

It’s a natural progression for human beings to want to move forward in life (but) it’s the way you move forward that’s important…

On the legacy of apartheid in the coloured community:

Post-apartheid, a lot of anger and hurt is still thriving in our communities and we need to learn how to co-exist with each other, but in a fair manner - Shuaib Philander, South African Champion Skateboarder 2015 Click To Tweet

On starting a business:

When I saw gaps within the market and a demand for certain products and services, I realised I had to start my own business and I needed to fund myself.

On the social problems in his community:

The prison system isn’t a form of rehabilitation (for gangsters), it fuels the fire in anything.

On presenting oneself and personal branding:

You have to be authentic to yourself, be true to yourself and what drives you, finding out how to monetise that and make it sustainable in your life.

Shuaib Philander definition of hustle

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