Global African Business Awards 2018 Winner Paledi Segapo – Episode 18

Nov 15, 2018

Episode 18: Global African Business Awards 2018 Winner Paledi Segapu

Paledi Segapu is an award winning fashion designer and creative entrepreneur. He is the founder and creative director or Palse, a Johannesburg-based fashion label. Born in Soweto, Paledi initially pursued a career in IT with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Informatics. However, he yearned for the creative space, so in 2010 he left the corporate sector to pursue a career as a creative entrepreneur. With a Master of Business in Leadership degree, Paledi went on to win the prestigious 2018 Global African Business Award (GABA) for outstanding best fashion brand. This is only one of a long list of other accolades, including 2017 Special Achievement Award in Nigeria, and 2015 the Africa Designer of the year award. In 2012 he was also voted SA creative professional of the year. Paledi now dresses celebrities such as R&B artist Donald and musician and media personality Proverb. He also dresses ministers and is a regular at the various high profile fashion weeks. He has enjoyed much media attention, with a spread in publications such as Forbes Africa and a feature on the highly acclaimed lifestyle television show Top Billing.

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Advice and perspectives on what it takes to be successful in the fashion industry

While growing up, Paledi was always involved and excelled in the arts. His guidance teacher advised him to follow the arts, but he chose to pursue a career in IT instead. Whilst his guidance teacher was correct in his assessment of Paledi, he thoroughly enjoyed the IT field and he believes his time in corporate lay the foundation for crucial business skills needed to build and grow a successful fashion brand. Paledi shares some of his insights into the fashion industry and shares his advice and perspectives on what it takes to be successful in the fashion industry.

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Key Takeaways:


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