Kelli Stirrett Digital Operations Expert – Episode 14

Oct 8, 2018

Episode 14: Kelli Stirrett Digital Operations Expert

Kelli Stirret is the founder of Even Keel Ops. Kelli helps creative business owners grow their businesses and unload overwhelm via training, strategy, and support. Kelli is from South Carolina, she is a mother and a significant other, an avid reader, an amateur photographer, a shell hunter, and a sugar skull collector. Kelli shares her journey from corporate hustle to entrepreneur and how she now helps other businesses overcome the overwhelm of the digital operational aspects of their business.

Several years ago, Kelli accidentally fell onto the corporate ladder. After realizing her original career plan wasn’t exactly all she dreamed of, she started looking around for something else and ended up working for a small company that had become a medium size company by the time she moved on. During the transition from small company to medium company, she learned all the things about operations. She was good at all the operational things and was working towards a COO position. But as the company grew so did the office politics. The small family feel was gone, and Kelli was unhappy with where she was at in her career.

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So she made a huge life move - she quit her job and moved her family to the beach. After a year or so of beach life, she realized she missed working with businesses to organize their operations, so she started working as a Virtual Assistant (VA), but it didn’t quite feel like that was what she was meant to do. She also realized a lot of creative business owners were treating their operations like their creations and just going with the flow and that wasn’t working for them, and so Even Keel Ops was born.

According to Kelli, Operations or Ops is all that 'non-creative shit' you have to do to keep your business running Click To Tweet
  • Tracking your finances
  • Managing all of your projects and ideas
  • Planning for next week, next month, and next quarter
  • Launching new products and services
  • Email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, so much marketing!

The list goes on and on!


Links and Resources Mentioned:

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Free Business Tools and Resources

Trell0 - Project Management Tool

Canva - Create social media posts and other media posts

Waveapps - Cloud-based accounting system

Mailerlite - Email Marketing Software

Cara Chace - Pinterest Marketing and Squarespace design blog

Free Content and Resources on Digital Online Business


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