Episode 10 – Shaun Harry

Apr 3, 2018

Episode 10: Shaun Harry | Founder & Director Shaun Harry Inc.

Shaun Harry is a father to two beautiful girls, a husband to the love of his life and business partner, a son, a friend, and an international professional with over fifteen years experience. Before starting his business consultancy practice in 2015, Shaun held executive management & consultancy positions in internationally-operating companies as well as governmental organizations, including Denel (SOC), FINPRO, Enterprise Ireland, Mi-Fone BVI. In his interview, Shaun recalls the day he left his corporate job, booked a flight to Ireland, without any assurance of a business deal, and followed his dreams.

Today he is the founder and director of Shaun Harry Inc Pty Ltd, an outsourced business development and market entry facilitation consultancy for international Aviation, Aerospace , Defence , Embassies and Trade Promotion Agencies. He is also in partnership with his wife in an events company called The Cape Town Party, and is an investor in his wife's company 'Momster Box'. We also interviewed Shaun's wife, Vikki Harry in episode 01 of the podcast.

to succeed in business you have to have hope coupled with realism

Shaun grew up on the Cape Flats, in Cape Town, South Africa. When he first moved to Johannesburg, he worked as a DJ. We spoke about how his experience as a freelance DJ, hustling to get gigs and make a name for himself prepared him for his journey as an entrepreneur. Over time, he found himself in the business consultancy field and discovered he had a talent for connecting business partnerships and facilitating good business relationships. Shaun admits that there are many perks that comes with being in a corporate job, but says that he would sacrifice it all every time for the sense of freedom he has now.

Shaun says he would sacrifice the perks of a corporate job for entrepreneurship any day

Shaun shared some very interesting insights into the journey of entrepreneurship. He took a huge risk leaving the security of his 9 to 5 to build a business from scratch, but his risk paid off. He advises anyone in a similar position to do all the background legwork, like setting up branding and a website before quitting your job, so that by the time you quit, you are ready to hit the ground running. He also stresses that it is important to test your business case by seeking feedback on the feasibility of your idea.

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"[In business] you have to know yourself so you can understand what the flaws are, what you need to fix"

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