Episode 08 Erik Kruger

Feb 7, 2018

Episode 08: Erik Kruger | Founder BetterMan & Better[X]

Erik Kruger is a Personal Development & Leadership Coach. Currently completing his Masters degree in Business and Executive coaching through Wits Business School. He has been featured in GQ, CliffCentral, Good Men Project, Thought Catalog, Entrepreneur Magazine, TouchHD, KykNet, and more. As a coach, he spends time with entrepreneurs, leaders and teams in organizations to help them think about the challenges they are facing and how to overcome them. His strength lies in his ability to help others elevate their thinking & to develop a more strategic approach to business and life.

erik kruger on mindset

Show Notes

After high school, Erik was unsure what career he wanted to pursue, but he always knew he wanted to help others. He went on to qualify as a Physiotherapist, and while he enjoyed working in the profession, he still felt that he had a bigger purpose to fulfill. Whilst trying to market his Physio practice, he became enchanted by the idea of online business and the promise of passive income. The led him down a path to discovering the world of digital. It was only through establishing BetterMan - South Africa’s largest online community for men dedicated to personal and professional development - that he started to realize his true calling. Today, BetterMan has an email list 18,000+ strong, and a Facebook community of more than 60,000 engaged members. He has since expanded the reach of his personal development and coaching brand to a more general audience of people looking to improve themselves in areas of their lives, be it being better leaders, partners or parents.

In his interview, Erik talks about his personal development coaching philosophy, which encompasses 3 things:

Using these core philosophies, Erik has developed a framework for his coaching practice, that encourages one to do at least 1 of these 3 things layered over any part of your everyday life, everyday:

  1. Meditation - taking time to reflect
  2. Movement - taking action
  3. Mastery - continually developing and improving

erik kruger on personal development

We also spoke about BetterMan, building and growing an engaged online community, and advice for others who would like to pursue the path of coaching and personal development. BetterMan was created out of the need for Erik to learn from other successful men about what helped them achieve their success. His very first interviewee was with Maps Maponyane - a South African television presenter, actor, fashion designer, speaker, model, creative consultant, voice over artist, philanthropist and business entrepreneur. He wanted to experiment with different formats, and although he didn't have anything to sell, he started emailing subscribers on his mailing list on a daily basis about his thinking around topics of self development. It was this daily email that became the cornerstone of BetterMan and the biggest driver of growth. Erik then turned his attention to social media, and share some of his key learning from growing the BetterMan and Better[X] brand on social.

erik kruger on building an online community

Key Takeaways for Growing Social Media Engagement

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  • To build a community you need to have a really strong message and give people a compelling reason to join you
  • You need to be a good leader and show that you are worth following by connecting authentically to your message
  • If you don't have a good grounding in marketing (or the time to learn), you need to find someone who does
  • Most of the time you are going to have to 'pay to play'. You cannot build a community only organically, you have to pay to get in front of the right people in the beginning
  • Don't build your entire house on rented property - i.e. when you rely solely on social media platforms like Facebook -because they can change the rules any time. Invest your time in growing your email list and use more than one platform

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