Episode 07 Hawa Charfaray

Jan 24, 2018

Episode 07: Hawa Charfaray | CEO Training Excellence

What drives a young successful woman to leave a stable, comfortable work environment at a reputable financial institution to start her own business? Hawa Charfrey, CEO of Training Excellence, is an international business women with 23 years of business experience in both South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Yet she never set out to be an entrepreneur. In this episode, Hawa shares her personal story of joy, loss, struggle, winning and losing in business, but also of finding her purpose.

 Show notes

Hawa is the youngest of 13 children. She never believed she would one day be an entrepreneur. She started her professional career in the corporate banking sector, where she stayed for 10 years. Hawa always had a passion for women empowerment and the upliftment of others in general. It was her personal circumstances that led her to reflect on her passion in life and discover her true purpose.

In her early twenties, Hawa and her husband Rasheed were blessed with a son. He was diagnosed with an extremely rare disorder called Lissencephaly - a condition that impacts the neural and mental development of the child. Doctors, told them that he would not smile, nor would he be able to sit, walk or reach what is considered to be, normal developmental milestones. They also said, that he would only live until the age of 2. The couple watched their little boy live through pain and the anguish of frequent hospital visits to endure pricks and pokes for bloods, and the insertion of drips in his tiny arms and legs. Sadly, Noorullah passed away three months before his second birthday in September of 1996.

It was just before her son's passing that Hawa felt a calling to a bigger purpose. With the support of her husband, she quit her job and followed a new path. While her corporate job offered security and comfort that a young mother in her mid-twenties needed, the daily anxiety of going to work was a clear indication that a change was needed, and after losing her son, she realized that there was more to life.

Hawa Charfaray international business woman

Today, Hawa Charfrey is the CEO of Training Excellence in South Africa and appointed COO Board member in 2017 of the African Womens Movement (AWM). Hawa is a renowned international Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker, having delivered world-class training and seminars to global companies such as World Bank, VW, First National Bank, Mercedes Benz, IBM, Abu Dhabi Airport Company, and many more. However, the road to success was not easy as Hawa talks about business decisions she made that cost her millions in losses. Her positive attitude and desire to constantly improve and learn from her mistakes, has contributed to the success she enjoys today.


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